We deliver more than oil,
we deliver business results.

Lubrication advice to help you maximize performance.


Having the right oil in your equipment does more than just decrease wear, it increases efficiency, throughput, and prevents costly breakdowns. Selecting the right lubricants for the right machines can make all the difference.

This is where our sales people and highly skilled staff can help. When you order from us, you get more than just oil, you get access to the expert advice of our professionals and over 35 years of experience advising customers.

Our staff works with you to not only select the right oils, but ensure they are blended with the right additives to keep your machines running at peak performance.

Regular monitoring and continual fine tuning to maintain throughput.

Like any optimization process, ensuring your machines are running optimally with the right oils is a continual process that requires regular monitoring and fine tuning.

It takes a deep understanding of lubrication theory in order to know for sure if your machines are running at peak performance. Our expert staff will take care of this for you.

During deliveries, we have the capability to check your used oil for signs of wear, contamination and watch for leaks. We will even tell you if your equipment is consuming oil faster than it should be, so you can rest assured you are not using more oil than necessary.

By taking samples and proactively looking for problems, we are able to continually optimize and fine tune each and every batch for you. Keeping your equipment running smooth and efficiently is our number one priority.


Fast delivery on demand, at no additional cost.


When you need oil, we deliver it. Our orders frequently arrive within 24 to 48 hours, and sometimes during the same day they are ordered.

Instead of weekly schedules and fixed delivery routes, where you frequently have to wait an entire week or pay a surcharge to get your oil sooner, we simply send oil when you need it.

Because we have no delivery routes and our delivery people proactively monitor your oil levels, we can predict when you will be needing oil and already have it ready for you by the time you place the order.

We ship to you on demand.
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